3 Reasons To Choose The Platinum Hotel As Your Las Vegas Wedding Venue

Bride and Groom
The Platinum Hotel – Wedding

With an average of 115,000 weddings per year, one thing Las Vegas does not lack is venue options to host your big day.

Las Vegas wedding venues range from classy to kitschy, and everything in between. The stylish, boutique, Platinum Hotel (just off the famous Strip) might be perfect for your memorable day. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. It’s Boutique

Meaning, it’s not Caesar’s Palace or the MGM Grand. If MGM is the McDonald’s of Las Vegas, then The Platinum Hotel is a European cafe on a cobble-stoned street. The Platinum is pet-friendly (including the world-class spa), has complimentary valet, some of the biggest guest suites in Vegas, and has that more-people-should-know-about-this-hotel kind of feel.

2. It’s Non-Smoking

It can be hard to find fresh air in a party city like Vegas. Even the non-smokers turn into social smokers while they’re in Vegas. The Platinum has made the bold decision to keep the smoking outside – something unique and rare in entertainment capital of the world. And who wants to be inhaling second-hand smoke while coughing through their wedding vows?

3. It’s Non-Gaming

Like smoking in Vegas, gaming is everywhere! Gambling is the city’s livelihood – it’s one huge casino. It’s a little bit more romantic to take a BREAK from gambling while you’re getting married, especially when you’re within walking distance to multiple casinos. You don’t need your bridesmaids distracted by roulette when you’re trying to have the best day of your life.

Gambling and smoking are for after your wedding, and possibly after your parents go to bed. The classy, modern, and boutique Platinum Hotel is a welcomed break from the rest of Las Vegas, and might be just the perfect Las Vegas wedding venue for your perfect day.

For more information on planning your wedding at The Platinum Hotel, contact Hava Busso, Senior Catering Sales Manager at 702.636.2450.